Yarpole has a strong sense of community and a nationally recognised track record in getting together to achieve local benefits. The news in February 2018 that the village pub was to be sold inspired the residents to get together to buy it – ensuring its place in the community for the future.
The Mortimer Community Benefit Society (MCBS) was incorporated in May 2018 to purchase the Bell at Yarpole. The first Management Committee consisted of ten volunteers who organised setting up the Society and running the venture. With an amazing response both from the local community and further afield enough shares were sold to support a successful bid pre-auction in September 2018. The business plan drawn up by the Management Committee also allowed for an initial refurbishment and redecoration plan which was undertaken mainly by volunteers, with professional support for the electrical, gas and plumbing work.

Membership Organisation
The MCBS is a democratic organisation governed by a Management Committee who are elected by, and drawn from, the membership. It operates on the principle of ‘one member one vote’ regardless of the number of shares owned.
There are currently around 250 members, both individuals and organisations. The first Annual Members’ Meeting took place in September 2019 when elections were held for continuing and new committee members. The current committee consists of eight members with additional support from others.


  1. The primary goal is to have a successful and viable pub in the village.
  2. To increase the number of members. Share income provides funding that augments income from the tenancy and reduces long-term reliance on loans.                                           More Members = More Supporters = A Stronger Future
  3. Engage members to participate in a wide variety of ways – from simply enjoying the atmosphere of a traditional village pub to sharing the volunteer spirit or just supporting the aims of the society.

Membership gives the opportunity to be actively involved in managing a valuable community asset which provides facilities and services for everyone.
Members have a say in how the MCBS is run and managed and they can actively work towards shaping the society.
Members can influence the overall direction of the project and provide feedback on progress. Many comments were offered at the last A.M.M. (Annual Members’ Meeting). These have been taken on board by the Management Committee who are working towards incorporating as many of these as possible.
All members will receive:

  • Regular updates via email
  • An invitation to the AMM
  • Invitations to member-only events

The current members are mainly those who bought shares initially to enable the purchase of The Bell and keep this in community ownership. We would like to increase this membership and there will be new recruitment initiatives from time to time. Why not join now? We’re a lovely group!

Membership Criteria

  • Membership is open to any person over the age of 16, but gift shares may be bought on behalf of minors by adults
  • Members do not need to live in the parish, in fact, there are shareholders in many parts of the UK and overseas!
  • The individual share value is £50 with a minimum holding of 2 shares (£100) and a maximum of £10,000
  • Download a Share Application form.

Information about what is happening can be found here at the MCBS website as well as details of committee members, key documents and much more. The website is updated as details change and we go forward.
You can contact the MCBS by emailing  –
Regular email updates are sent to all members.
Articles are published in ‘The Parishioner’ the local parish newsletter.
Information about the MCBS is in the Welcome Pack given to new households in the parish.
The Bell at Yarpole has it’s own website Both the Bell at Yarpole and the MCBS have their own Facebook pages.
Information about the MCBS and The Bell at Yarpole is also on The Yarpole Community website
Events are posted on parish noticeboards.

Further Information
The vision document can be found here vision document 

as well as the Vision Brochure

The business plan for the MCBS can be viewed by any shareholder, upon application to The Secretary
Contact a member of the Management Committee for information on buying shares. Contact Us