About Us

The community celebrating the purchase of the Bell at Yarpole.

What is the Mortimer Community Benefit Society?

The Bell Inn operated as a thriving pub at the heart of Yarpole for many years. It was clear, in 2018, that we were about to lose our village pub. The thought of losing it, most likely to a developer, galvanised opinion, which turned into action and a group was formed to rescue it for the benefit of the community.

The pub perfectly complements the village’s other thriving grassroots projects. The flourishing shop and The Gallery café. However there are some things that only a pub can provide. The objective is to have a friendly, welcoming village pub with good food and drink.

To breathe new life into such a project takes lots of energy, time and money. The first volunteer committee with help from CAMRA, Plunkett and others worked to create a business plan. A share issue raised the necessary money and after some incredibly tense moments, The Bell was bought for the community.

Working together many volunteers spent many hours working on every aspect of the building. Renovating the outside, designing and painting the inside, marketing, planning and more. This project would not have succeeded without all those incredible volunteers who offered their expertise, skills, knowledge, flair and time to bring it all together.

The current Management Committee oversees the ongoing project, ensuring that everything from finances to the fabric of the building are looked after on behalf of Shareholders. The committee have decided that after three failed tenancies that the community will operate the Bell for the immediate future. With this aim we have teamed up with our chef, Michael Collis, to provide food on Friday & Saturday evenings and Sunday lunch. If we can prove that we can be successful we will be in a much better position to find a tenant who can take the business forward.

The Bell still needs funds to operate, given that long periods of neglect under previous owners left The Bell badly in need of repairs and renovation. While we have done huge amounts to make the pub a wonderful place to enjoy there are still bills to pay, loans to be repaid, and a schedule of works for the building’s upkeep, which all remain the responsibility of the MCBS.

How can I join in?
We’re glad you asked. Anyone can become a Member, simply by buying a minimum number of shares and the principle of one vote per shareholder ensures democratic accountability. Becoming a Shareholder brings a stake in the pub’s, and by extension the community’s, future. Shareholders ultimately control the Society and its business, by voting on significant issues at meetings, and through the annual election of a Management Committee.

You can purchase shares here and apply to join the management committee.

This is not the kind of shareholding that brings regular dividends, since it is not a profit-oriented business, and shares cannot normally be withdrawn or cashed in. Think of it as a long-term investment in the community’s future.

Your security will be the building and land (not the pub business) which will remain a community resource throughout. The MCBS is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority, and a statutory asset lock prevents the distribution of residual benefits to Shareholders, so assets cannot be appropriated for the private benefit of any member.

More information on how to join us is on the membership page of the website.